Let's digitize dentistry together!

It's no secret digital dentistry is better for everyone. It saves the clinicians' time and lets them focus on running their practice, and it reduces patient risk while improving the patient experience. Evident Rewards is our way of helping digital dentistry grow and giving back to the clinicians who support us.

Why Join?

Become a part of the world's best digital dental community. At Evident, we want to make digital dentistry easy. For everything from scanners to CAD designs and digital case planning, we're here to support the dental community every step of the way. By joining the Evident Rewards program, you'll be joining dentistry's best and brightest labs, clinicians, suppliers, and manufacturers.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple:

  1. Sign up on the form below.
  2. Keep your eye on your email for your referral link.
  3. Send your link to any of your friends interested in a scanner.
  4. Get $250 in cash for every scanner purchase and save your friends $250 on any scanner they buy!
  5. When you're ready to cash out, reach out to jdervishaj@evidentlabs.com, and we'll send you your money!

There you go, give $250, get $250!